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    Container housing, let us away from the pressure of mortgage

    Source: Time:2019-12-18 16:16:34 views:

    The words residential container, container mobile house, container house are often heard in our ears. In fact, they are built out of shipping containers, a kind of house that can be used for living.
    The words residential container, container mobile house, container house are often heard in our ears. In fact, they are built out of shipping containers, a kind of house that can be used for living. Their biggest advantage is convenient and inexpensive, gradually into the lives of our consumers, let us have a look at their development.

    Meticulously create a perfect living container

    There is a Clintons, they opened a decoration company, specializing in the building of residential containers, they have different design concepts, from the inside to the outside of the residential containers carefully designed to give people different visual effects. They have a sliding specialty that people love, so a lot of dealers like to sell them to people.

    Some houses have been built without knowing from the outside that they were made out of residential containers, because the exterior is covered with normal wall panels and spray foam insulation. But inside the house, you can see the inside of each living container and the corrugated steel structure. Even the serial number and some indentation of each resident's container are clearly visible. This kind of housing is very popular now. You can choose spliced living containers. Several living containers can be spliced together to make different shapes. In fact, such housing is very cheap for people. One of the reasons residential containers are so popular is that they are cheap to build. Of course, the livable container has more than one feature that people love. It also has many other advantages, such as structural stability, low maintenance cost, anti-corrosion, mildewproof, and easy combination. It can build a house in a short time. People now live in houses that have to be built brick by brick, and it can take years to develop a new building. The installation and removal of residential containers are very fast and convenient. In the humid environment will not bring you unnecessary trouble, there is no termite damage, and more enhance the safety of the housing system. Nowadays, many residential containers are used in some high-cost places, such as tourist resorts, scenic spots, ski resorts, golf courses, various clubs, motel camps, etc., which greatly improve the resting environment after fatigue and enable people to have a better sleep.

    Now the social life pressure is so great, if we can have a private space, can release the pressure, can reduce the pain of the place that would be great! Congratulations, your dream has come true today. Living in a container is the best choice for you to vent. If you are tired, sleep in it.

    Container houses are banned from ordinary housing

    Now many industries have been used by container trailer, for so many years of development is also more and more, the kinds of container trailer is more and more perfect, various characteristics of container trailer also has been praised by society, believe that with the development and progress of science and technology, the future of this kind of product of green environmental protection is likely to clamp down on everyone's completely ordinary housing.

    Container mobile room ceiling, floor, insulation layer, the same as lack, residents live in such a container mobile room, as in their own home, can you imagine? One such container house is designed by a company for its front-line workers. Let these people who have been living only in tents or container mobile houses feel the warmth as if they were living in their own homes. I saw such a container mobile room, two Windows on each side. , the door window is complete, daylighting is good, all around not only have insulation layer, still appropriate licked a few adornment. There is no shortage of water, electricity and gas, and office accommodation is very convenient. In addition, such a container mobile house, handling is very convenient, the crane can go, this is more convenient than some ordinary mobile house, Believe that such a container mobile house, in the construction site front, will have a good popularity. Green environmental protection has always been the pursuit of people around the world, with the rapid development of the economy, energy pollution, garbage pollution and other pollution have affected people's living environment. Many friends who live near some factories know that the air quality there is not very good, and the increasingly serious environmental pollution will also lead to the destruction of our planet, this is not alarmist, it has become a consensus.

    Develop in respect of environmental protection and energy saving building, container trailer as environmental protection and energy saving building materials can get the favour of so many people is not just the installation is convenient, the bigger reason is that the environmental protection and energy saving features, container trailer environmental protection and energy saving building materials have played an important role in the vast in the urban construction, made great contribution to the urban construction.

    Rational use of container housing is no longer illegal construction

    For today's container housing popularization, in Shanghai, Shenzhen, these prosperous cities can also be seen everywhere the residential container this temporary construction products. This shows that this kind of housing has been integrated into people's lives. This popularity also gives chengguan a headache, and gives them a new form of illegal construction.

    In the process of urban development, many people want to go out of the mountain villages to make their way to the big cities. With that, more and more people want to seek a job in the cities and then have a house of their own to put down roots in the cities. These people all need a few places to live. However, with the rapid growth of urban population, the growth of urban housing is far from keeping pace with the population growth. As a result, housing prices and rents have been rising steadily, and many people are unable to own their own houses right away. At this time, container houses are favored by them and they choose container houses as their housing. But people's random placement, causing chengguan had to ignore, the container housing listed as illegal construction. Although container houses are cheap, it would be painful to demolish them. Container housing and convenient disassembly does not need too much manpower and material resources, as long as the simple whole can be hoisted away. The appearance of container house makes these people see another kind of more convenient temporary building, which can be moved more conveniently and can better keep the container house intact without disassembly and assembly. Container housing to provide convenience for everyone to see, so we should take good care of it, do not let it become not recognized housing.

    Since container houses, too many people use it, and then keep appearing in public places, leads people to the problem such as the emergence of inconvenience, such cases that some residents for bad impression container houses, often associated with illegal buildings container houses appeared as a solution to help people, not to destroy the People's Daily life, therefore, buy after container houses should reasonable apply, choose after container house to seek a space is put have been approved

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